47th mayor of Amon City, From on May 25 2018.

We differentiate ourselves from all the other Australian VC by the fact that we come from startup and blockchain industry ourselves. We are tired of seeing that.

- Andrew Simmons, City Mayor,


This present moment is perfect simply due to the fact you’re experiencing it. you can get away.


On top of our attention to Politician and service is a commitment to excellence all qualities admire.


In care winshape camps launched life-changing summers with our very first overnight camp.

Naturopathy & Yoga

Naturopathy believes in nature’s inherent healing potential and employs non-invasive techniques of intervention to create an environment that allows the body to recover itself.

“The more a man knows about his own body, the more he is mystified at its wonderful working precision” – GAYLORD HAUSER

Naturopathy is more than a medical system; it is a way of life based primarily on the ancient practise of applying natural laws. It is a plea to “RETURN TO NATURE” and to live a simple life in peace with oneself, society, and the environment. Naturopathy offers not only a straightforward method to disease therapy, but also a solid theoretical foundation that may be used to a wide range of holistic medical applications.

Our Therapy

The following is a list of some of the more common therapy types:

Our Facilities

The college building includes spacious and well-equipped computerized library, general lab, etc..

Our Vision and Mission

  • To be a centre of excellence for Naturopathy education, research and patient care across the globe
  • Imparting quality education in Naturopathy by training the students to face global health challenges
  • Revival of ancient Indian wisdom
  • To reach each and every corner of the society with an objective to alleviate human suffering.

News and Publications

The news about recent activities

Other Activities of Our Institution:  Ayurvedas.com      Muniyal Institute of Ayurveda Medical Sciences      MuniyalAyurvedas.in

AFFILIATION & APPROVALS : www.rguhs.ac.in       www.ayush.gov.in  EXTERNAL LINK :    ccryn.gov.in

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Yoga & Naturopathy is based on various drugless treatments like Acupuncture, acupressure, Yoga and meditation, fasting therapy, Diet and nutrition, mud therapy, hydrotherapy, chiropractice and Osteopathy, Manipulation therapy, exercise and electrotherapy, reflexology, counselling and lots more.


34-C, Shivally Industrial Area, Manipal, Udupi, Karnataka 576104