Course Details

The duration of the course shall be 5 ½ years (Five and half years). The course shall include a period of regular study of four and a half (4 ½) years, followed by a compulsory rotatory internship of one year.

The period of regular study shall be divided into four phases – first year of one and half (1½) years, and the Second, Third and Final years of one year each of the B.N.Y.S. Medical Degree Course respectively.

Internship program:

A candidate after passing final B.N.Y.S. Medical Degree Examination shall undergo the compulsory rotatory internship of one year duration, which shall consist of work/duty postings in the various sections/departments.


Yoga & Naturopathy is based on various drugless treatments like Acupuncture, acupressure, Yoga and meditation, fasting therapy, Diet and nutrition, mud therapy, hydrotherapy, chiropractice and Osteopathy, Manipulation therapy, exercise and electrotherapy, reflexology, counselling and lots more.


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